First Day in Dublin Ireland

In June my family and I had the chance to take a trip to one of the places in the world I have always wanted to visit. Ireland. After the kid finished school and started her summer break, we took an evening flight from Montreal to Toronto and then the over night from Toronto to Dublin. It was the longest 7 hour flight I have ever taken. Luckily the kid slept 95% of the time. I managed a few hours. Poor husband only managed a few minutes.

As a reader, I often read stories that took place in Ireland. As a result, I’ve always wanted to go there to see if all that I was reading was true. Turns out, I felt very much at home in Dublin. Almost as if I had been there before. I only wish we had managed to visit more of the country.

O’ Connell Street, Dublin (And some guy’s head who popped in at the last second)

These guys moved very very slowly… very cool. Scared the life outta the kid though!

The River Liffey

Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle

Map of Dublin