First Day in Dublin Ireland

In June my family and I had the chance to take a trip to one of the places in the world I have always wanted to visit. Ireland. After the kid finished school and started her summer break, we took an evening flight from Montreal to Toronto and then the over night from Toronto to Dublin. It was the longest 7 hour flight I have ever taken. Luckily the kid slept 95% of the time. I managed a few hours. Poor husband only managed a few minutes.

As a reader, I often read stories that took place in Ireland. As a result, I’ve always wanted to go there to see if all that I was reading was true. Turns out, I felt very much at home in Dublin. Almost as if I had been there before. I only wish we had managed to visit more of the country.

O’ Connell Street, Dublin (And some guy’s head who popped in at the last second)

These guys moved very very slowly… very cool. Scared the life outta the kid though!

The River Liffey

Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle

Map of Dublin


March Break Day Three

We did something special for our day together. My daughter and I went to our first movie at a theater on our own. We’ve been to the movies together before, but all the movies we’ve seen have always been a family event. All of us trekking out to the theater, trying to agree on a movie, trying to find enough seats for all of us.
Today, it was just us. And we had a wonderful time. Even if it was packed with tons of other kids who were off for the break. Even if they were all whining and screaming. Even if we had to wait in line for twenty minutes, though we had already purchased our tickets on-line the day before.

We went to see The Lorax.

One of the kid’s favorite Dr. Seuss’ stories. We’ve been reading this story for many years thanks to my sister. When the kid heard the movie was going to be out this week, she asked if we could go see it together. At first, I tried to figure out when it was playing on the weekend so everyone could go see it…. then I thought, “Why not go just the two of us?”

So we did. And she loved it! It was a great movie. Expanded a bit from the original story, but it needed it in order to get to the places the book didn’t touch upon. We find out why the Onceler was telling the boy what happened to the truffula trees, and what happens after the story is done. It was a satisfying adaptation of the book.

Also, everyone in the theater seemed to enjoy the preview for the Despicable Me 2 movie coming out in 2013. Even I think it looks cute. Too bad we have to wait until 2013!

Half way through the break, and I think we’re having a pretty good time so far. Today she told me, “this March break has been a big thumbs up. Last March break was a big thumbs down.” (Last year we both had horrible colds and never left the house for the week. So she’s right, it did totally suck).

Did I mention that the weather today is super beautiful? Took advantage of the great day, and enjoyed some jump rope too!

March Break Day Two

Day two of keeping the kid entertained involved traveling to Cote St. Luc to a recently opened pool. It was a great place for the kid to hang out for an hour. It was quiet and still clean with its shiny newness. Not many people know about this hidden little jem! If you get a chance, you should check out the Aquatic and Community Centre…. they also have a gym and a library.

Checking the place out

March Break Swim Day!

March Break Day One

March Break for the kid. That means trying to fill the days making sure the kid is not too bored. Since today was crazy cold out, we opted for making raspberry shortbread cookies. Wonderful purple coloured cookies in the shape of flowers and hearts! Is there a better or more delicious way to say we’re ready for spring? I don’t think so.

Pretty Cookies…

Good enough to eat!

The recipe is slightly adjusted from one of my favorite sites. Weelicious.

Snowtacular in February

Last winter in MontrĂ©al was a brute. After two years of living in the Bay Area, where the coldest day was a whopping 3 C, a full winter in MontrĂ©al left me feeling like I was a human popsicle. I was completely unprepared for how bitterly cold it could get here. (And in denial that I was going to be staying here for any significant time). The wind could blow right through you, the snow kept falling, and it felt like the sun was always behind big snow clouds. You’re left wondering if the winter ever ends here. It eventually warmed up. In June!

Thankfully, this year I was much more prepared. Big comfy parka, wooly hat, thermal underwear and super tough warm boots. Of course, because I was fully prepared, this winter was much tamer with warmer temps and way less snow. A couple of weeks ago we finally received our first major snowfall. The trees were heavy with the white stuff, and looked beautiful, if not a bit scary. There was some fear the weight of the snow was going to bring down the tree in our back yard. It didn’t help when we could hear the creaking and popping of the branches as the snow kept piling up.

The tree in the back didn’t crash down, but I do have some wonderful shots of February’s Snowtacular (as my daughter named it) event.


Heavy Snow

Close up!


Garden of Snow