Snowtacular in February

Last winter in Montréal was a brute. After two years of living in the Bay Area, where the coldest day was a whopping 3 C, a full winter in Montréal left me feeling like I was a human popsicle. I was completely unprepared for how bitterly cold it could get here. (And in denial that I was going to be staying here for any significant time). The wind could blow right through you, the snow kept falling, and it felt like the sun was always behind big snow clouds. You’re left wondering if the winter ever ends here. It eventually warmed up. In June!

Thankfully, this year I was much more prepared. Big comfy parka, wooly hat, thermal underwear and super tough warm boots. Of course, because I was fully prepared, this winter was much tamer with warmer temps and way less snow. A couple of weeks ago we finally received our first major snowfall. The trees were heavy with the white stuff, and looked beautiful, if not a bit scary. There was some fear the weight of the snow was going to bring down the tree in our back yard. It didn’t help when we could hear the creaking and popping of the branches as the snow kept piling up.

The tree in the back didn’t crash down, but I do have some wonderful shots of February’s Snowtacular (as my daughter named it) event.


Heavy Snow

Close up!


Garden of Snow


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